Questions for Vibook ( Lavaswap AMA)

( Lavaswap AMA)

1. 首先可以详细介绍一下咱们Vibook这个项目吗?Could you give us an introduction to Vibook?

2. 据了解咱们当前在做社会知识共享网络,能介绍下目前Vibook已经上线了哪些产品吗?产品的具体特性是什么呢? It is understood that you are currently building a social knowledge sharing network. Could you please introduce what products Vibook has launched at present? What are the specific features of the products?

3. 国内外早已有不少项目涉猎知识共享网络的产品,也会不断有类似产品上线,您认为咱们项目的核心竞争力是什么?发展前景从哪些方面可以体现呢? Products for knowledge sharing networks have already been explored, and similar products will continue to be launched. What do you think is the core competitiveness of Vibook? What are the prospects for development?

4. 回购一直是赋能代币价值的重要一环,那么咱们 Vibook有回购计划么? Buybacks have always been an important part of empowering the value of tokens. Does Vibook have a buyback plan?

5. 目前Vibook有哪些战略合作伙伴呢?为什么选择LAVAswap作为咱们重要战略合作伙伴? Who are the current strategic partners of Vibook? Why did you choose LAVAswap as a key strategic partner?

6. 可以为大家介绍一下Vibook基金会么? Could you introduce the Vibook Foundation?

7. 目前Vibook已经上线哪些交易平台了呢?可以介绍一下Vibook未来的发展规划吗? What trading platforms has Vibook been launched at present? Could you introduce Vibook’s future development plan?

8、可以谈谈您对当前加密市场看法么? Could you talk about your views on the current crypto market?



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Vibook (Official)

The Vibook platform is a blockchain-based social knowledge-sharing network. Vibook will connect readers, critics, authors, academics, and service providers.