Questions for Vibook ( Lavaswap AMA)

( Lavaswap AMA)

1. 首先可以详细介绍一下咱们Vibook这个项目吗?Could you give us an introduction to Vibook?

Vibook is a blockchain solution designed so that artists can register their works on Blockchain with ease, simplicity and price below the other traditional options, We also aim to distribute, monetize and assist the creative economy using Blockchain.

The company won the blockchain trail from a program called “Battle of startups”. With this, the company received about 450K USD in production and media to be used on a television channel and website of great relevance in Brazil.


近期我们在一场名为“ Battle of Startups”的区块链大赛中获得大奖,也因此收到了约45万美元的创作和媒体资源奖励,用于在巴西具有重要影响的电视频道和网站投放广告。

2. 据了解咱们当前在做社会知识共享网络,能介绍下目前Vibook已经上线了哪些产品吗?产品的具体特性是什么呢? It is understood that you are currently building a social knowledge sharing network. Could you please introduce what products Vibook has launched at present? What are the specific features of the products?

In the beginning, our focus was really a social network, but when we did a feasibility study in the sector and saw that the real demand was for a record of authenticity in the knowledge and creative economy market, such as books, music, copyright contracts.

Therefore, today, our focus is on a copyright registration solution.


In the future, we hope to add social elements to our platform to better fulfill our function as a social knowledge sharing network.


And this is directly in line with the evolution that blockchain technology has been undertaking over the past few years. So we have to adjust our social network to better adjust NFT technology.


for example,below is the link to the new identity that vibook will adopt and it reflects the new phase in which we find ourselves as a business and also as an objectiv.


3. 国内外早已有不少项目涉猎知识共享网络的产品,也会不断有类似产品上线,您认为咱们项目的核心竞争力是什么?发展前景从哪些方面可以体现呢? Products for knowledge sharing networks have already been explored, and similar products will continue to be launched. What do you think is the core competitiveness of Vibook? What are the prospects for development?

Ease of use is the biggest differentiator at Vibook. Other similar products on the market are confusing and require a high level of technological knowledge on the part of the user. In our registration, everything is done in an intuitive way, with simple options.


The writer can still choose whether to share his record or keep the link private. This option can be changed at any time, bringing more convenience and adapting to the form that the author needs to use.


Vibook also has many years of experience within the creative economy market, with more than 9 years on the road. Our “know-how” and our team is a great differentiator.


4. 回购一直是赋能代币价值的重要一环,那么咱们 Vibook有回购计划么? Buybacks have always been an important part of empowering the value of tokens. Does Vibook have a buyback plan?

This was one of our main promises last year and unfortunately the economic reality added to the pandemic has harmed us enormously, so we decided to make real adjustments that will be discussed here in this topic.


Our platform will accept fiat currency and Vibook tokens as payment. 10% of all revenue from purchases made with our tokens will be burned. Thus, as soon as our first product is launched, our tokens will gradually become scarcer in the market. As we know that producing a utility token shortage can positively affect its price, the best time to buy our token is now, while we finish our MVP.



The next products, which will be announced at the end of the second quarter of 2021, will also follow the same model of payment in Vibook, with part of the billing of the tokens being burned to generate greater scarcity of the asset.


Explaining better, all vibook products will help in the project’s liquidity, so we will set up a pool to use this revenue on top of our services and products to guarantee the currency value, we are studying how it will be done and the development team is already on top this proposal.



In addition, as a way of attracting and guaranteeing better values, vibook will adopt, starting on April 21, the burning of part of our token, in all 20 million vibooks will be burned and our agenda is shown below:


1st burn — (4/21/2021) — 4 million

2nd burn — (21/08) — 2 million

3rd burn — (12/21) — 2 million

4th burning — (4/21/2022) — 2 million

5th burning — (21/08) — 2 million

6th burning — (12/21) — 2 million

7th burn — (4/21/2023) — 2 million

8th Burning — (8/21) — 2 million

9th burning — (12/21) — 2 million

2021/4/21 — 销毁400万枚VIBK

2021/8/21 — 销毁200万枚VIBK

2021/12/21 — 销毁200万枚VIBK

2022/4/21 — 销毁200万枚VIBK

2022/8/21 — 销毁200万枚VIBK

2022/12/21 — 销毁200万枚VIBK

2023/4/21 — 销毁200万枚VIBK

2023/8/21 — 销毁200万枚VIBK

2023/12/21 — 销毁200万枚VIBK

5. 目前Vibook有哪些战略合作伙伴呢?为什么选择LAVAswap作为咱们重要战略合作伙伴? Who are the current strategic partners of Vibook? Why did you choose LAVAswap as a key strategic partner?

Nuls is our main partner. We have financing through POCM, which is a Nuls platform.

NULS是我们的主要合作伙伴,通过NULS POCM无损挖矿平台,我们获得了NULS社区的初始资金支持。

The “Brazilian Union of Writers” is one of our business partners. Thus, thousands of writers in Brazil will have contact with our product. We are still being accelerated at Inavahub, one of the main accelerators in the country.

We also have other important partners in the final stages of agreements. They will be released soon.


Lavaswap as a strategic partner is extremely important for the beginning of the vibook journey within the crypto business market, having a sustainable ecosystem and a large community, we see a relationship of growth and prosperity for the vibook project. I can honestly say that the vibook team is extremely satisfied with the platform and the support we are receiving.


6. 可以为大家介绍一下Vibook基金会么? Could you introduce the Vibook Foundation?

Vibook Foundationis a management board formed by 4 pillars: Marketing, Development, Finances and business. Each of these pillars has a principal.


Our board is currently made up of volunteer members. If you want to be part of our volunteering, just get in touch. Through the Vibook foundation our community can help and actively participate in our growth in the cryptocurrency market.


7. 目前Vibook已经上线哪些交易平台了呢?可以介绍一下Vibook未来的发展规划吗? What trading platforms has Vibook been launched at present? Could you introduce Vibook’s future development plan?

Recently, we went through a Swapping process. This delayed us for a listing that is already in an advanced negotiation process.


We understand that this is a desire of the community, but we believe that LavaSwap is already a great way to obtain and exchange Vibooks at a fair price and with a great experience. Our partnership with LavaSwap was to provide a reliable way to obtain our tokens.


But we can say that we have partnerships with exchanges being advanced, in addition to having the listing on Vindax already paid, our main interest is to provide sustainability for the token and that it is a fuel for the community and for our products.


At this specific moment, we are studying the NFT market and working on two fronts: 1. NFT as a scalable product and how it can be a pioneer within the market and 2. NFT as a scalable and security means of distribution for the market.


1. NFT作为一种可扩展的产品,以及它如何成为市场的先驱者;

2. NFT作为一种可扩展的和安全的市场资产分发手段。

Being very specific our idea on both fronts is to attract people who are unaware of the technology and find it easy to create their products and also create products that have scalability and open up new possibilities beyond the ordinary.


I can cite as an example of this a following product: An author creates a fictional universe and joins with more professionals ranging from music, to animation and create an NFT that will be a kind of unique content unlocker. This specific NFT could be a kind of collaborative financing, thus enabling a real revolution in the creative market.



8、可以谈谈您对当前加密市场看法么? Could you talk about your views on the current crypto market?

We believe that the cryptocurrency market is still far from its full potential. Despite this, digital assets are already attracting attention due to the possibility of decentralization. We believe that people who obtain valuable coins and tokens will have a good return, not only financially, but also through the use of new technology.


We believe that the cryptocurrency market goes beyond money, giving financial freedom to its participants, in addition to creating new forms of business, with a more distributed and fair economy.


Reinforcing our vision a little more, We at vibook believe that cryptocurrencies have to go beyond the crypto market, we have to reach ordinary people, delivering sustainable and accessible solutions. In some cases, ordinary people will not understand blockchain, but with evolution they will be transformed and attracted to this great universe



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