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2 min readDec 21, 2021


The Vibook project is continuing its proposal for content distribution, registration, and traceability. On 12/28 Vibook plans to carry out the IAO, based on our goals and awards that we achieved along the way.

As a blockchain project seeks to provide full accessibility to content in a decentralized way, Vibook wants to occupy a space in the market and through its monetization, create decentralized financial means that are able to contemplate not only the creative and academic chain but also investors and supporters. Part of the revenue generated (10% of the monthly net revenue) is reverted to liquidity.

In addition to purchases and services contracted with Vibook currency, a portion (15%) will be earmarked for programmed burning where every 3 months a relative amount of tokens collected will be burned, creating scarcity and promoting financial sustainability within our ecosystem.

Vibook Notary —

Our products aim to serve not only people but through our APIs built for Vibook Notary, to create ways to serve startups and companies already established in order to adopt blockchain, reduce costs, and provide greater scalability in demands. Another very specific use case is the Vibook Notary ( promotes the registration of products from the creative economy, helping the entire cultural production chain. Not restricted to that, we built specific APIs that promote products for the B2B format, where we will seek to meet the specific needs of startups and established companies.

Our IAO starts on 12/28 and is available at this link:

Come and discover our project!

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Vibook (Official)

The Vibook platform is a blockchain-based social knowledge-sharing network. Vibook will connect readers, critics, authors, academics, and service providers.