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4 min readJan 12, 2022

Vibook as a cryptographic project was born out of extensive research within the field of creative economy. We fully understand the power of blockchain technology and everything it can do within the industry. We decided at the start of the project to start a notary service, which aims exclusively to easily protect the copyright of producers in the creative industry, of course its potential does not lie exclusively in promoting music records and other arts. We see much greater potential to provide blockchain services to the content and education industry.


Working with bureaucratizing bias ends up making registration slow, creating a delay that harms the projects. Vibook Notary works with the blockchain, which is an unchanging ledger and reliable proof of registration, already having laws that favor its use as proof of registration, and in this case authorship. Vibook can provide a simpler, cheaper, and higher technology service than many of its major competitors in the industry and ensure a differentiation from other platforms.

Vibook notary is located in the resolution of copyright protection problems, where the current tools are not financially accessible and end up having a negative impact on the ecosystem, as it distances producers and throws them into a sea of uncertainties and risks to intellectual property. Everything we want to build is not just a dapp, it’s a facilitating tool, where any producer, regardless of their level of use in web tools, can solve and thus protect their intellectual work.


Mobile Notary

Using API notary, the dapp aims to provide users with a secure and easy form of registration, where after, the registration is shared on social networks creating a great tool for verification and registration within the production chain.

Those who could benefit from our solution: (Below are just a few examples)

● Youtubers

● Musicians

● Writers

● Speakers / Social Influencers

● Online classes

● Digital Influencers

● Advertising

Specific objective

● Create means for instant content recording and validation via mobile DAPP & Blockchain

● Enable digital creators and influencers to be able to secure their rights quickly and instantly in order to protect and monetize their content

Target Audience

The main audience of the vibook protocol outside of education will be to target art ownership and distribution, property transactions, Licensing of all types of products along with any contracts of all types between anyone (P2P or B2B or P2B)

Content creators & producers: Youtubers, Musicians, Writers, Social Media influencers, and Facebook content Marketers these will be the secondary focus

How does it work?

Through the application, people will be able to establish their registration and after it, they will be able to do it by quick means, either by video capture, note sending, audio capture or recording automatically and easily, the application has a direct focus on product registration creatives that in their conception can already have the security of the blockchain medium. In addition, the person will be able to share the registered product on their social networks, thus creating a safe means for copyright protection.

Notary for B2B Business

Our product provides companies with blockchain tools that help with registration and traceability providing agility and scalability for businesses. The business principle is to provide an easily accessible whitelabel format and help established companies to launch startups that want to use blockchain technology for their business. The instant notary feature will be invaluable to all businesses and consumers for on the spot validation of any document through our mobile DAPP.

Specific objective

  • Create an adaptable whitelabel product for companies encompassing both the decentralized storage library for trusted data and an API for notary services.
  • Promote through blockchain technology and gain scalability and transparency of all data for third party integration setting the standard for data sharing as a whole.

Some possible use cases

Let’s think about the following case, a university that spends thousands of dollars a year, storing history, documents and diplomas. With the adoption of blockchain much of this would be remedied, generating savings and bringing scalability, going further in the case that data are open and real validators are generated for curricular activities, thus creating security and, above all, real evidence of professional activities. This is just one of the points vibook aims to explore.

One of our partners, Ecopense, a reforestation and carbon credit fundraising company, is already studying the possibility of applying blockchain and thus bring greater transparency to business, which converges to a future where green assets are traded easily and affordable for everyone.

And finally…

So having everything explained above, it is clear to us at vibook that we have to develop blockchain solutions that directly impact people’s lives, creating tools that also enable the emergence of new startups and new types of businesses, all part of this great revolution that is rising in our world. Let’s embrace our partners, create ways to interact with products and, above all, make business viable.

Our goal is to solve problems, bring blockchain to people, even if they don’t know the technology in depth, we want to promote its adoption. Thus, vibook’s focus for the next year is to expand the use of its tools, creating the most diverse Dapps to meet the demands of the creative industry. So vibook looks to the future and pursues your dreams!

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