Vibook X Nerve X Nabox Partnership

Hello everyone, today vibook starts an important partnership with Nerve and Nabox, this translates into the possibility of making liquidity using the pair Vibook/Usdtn and Vibook/Nuls. We also remember our partnership with Ecopense, where vibook assets will be linked to carbon credit, thus promoting medium and long-term traceability and security for investors.

This possibility brings us great security during the development of the business, as the carbon credit market is one of the fastest growing and in several places in the world, its usability is already being legislated and put into practice, creating a billionaire and sustainable market.

Other partnerships are being made official, partnerships that will make full use of the token and in the medium term making it increasingly scarce, so it is no exaggeration to say that buy and hold is the best tool for investors to be contemplated.

In the next few days I will be releasing information on the carbon credit parity x Vibook and other information regarding the update of our business roadmap.

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