What to expect from the Vibook x Ecopense partnership?

This month we closed a strategic development and business partnership with Ecopense, a reforestation, certification, planning, consulting and carbon credit capture company, a partnership that was guided by a lot of research and business planning in the last 3 months.

A series of actions was agreed for the coming months, ranging from traceability of actions implemented at Ecopense, to the launch of a second currency based on carbon credits. Of course, this whole process aims to understand the main steps of a 100% green product and that in the future it will expand to other modalities within sustainable agribusiness.

About Ecopense

ECOPENSE NEGÓCIOS SOCIAIS is an initiative based on the thought and the global demand for a project of solutions with environmental and social appeals, based on many years of work with reforestation as one of the solutions for mitigating greenhouse gases and generating income in the countryside, reducing inequalities and other social ills of which the rural population is being victimized.

It is a company linked to the Social Business 2.5 model, having an economic bias that is different from ordinary private companies as our profit is oriented and directed in percentages sufficient only for the economic sustainability of our activities. We emphasize that we do not aim at exorbitant profits, we aim at profits only to ensure our sustainability based on the tripod: Environmental, Social and Economic.

The plan is simple, it consists of an organization of clear rules of spontaneous relationships between several actors that, with the preservation of native forest on one side and tree plantations on the other, contributes to the planting of trees that are true carbon dioxide sequestration machines. (greenhouse gas) from our planet’s atmosphere.

And, so that the activity is faithful to the proposed principles, we carry out studies and creations with respect to the concepts of Thinking, Compensating and Rewarding, aiming at the balance of the Environment in the foreground, repairing the planet, and rewarding the community in general.

Ecopense Team

Francisco das Chagas Rosa

Graduated in Agronomy from UFC, July 1977 class … Owner of EMPA Company — Rural Technical Assistance from 1978 to 1988 … Municipal Mayor of Nova Russas-Ce from 1988 to 1992 … Secretary of Municipal Planning from 1992 to 2000 … Member of the Ceará State Management Group of the Low Carbon Agriculture Management Group from 2014 to 2022 … Guest Member of the Ceará Higher Studies Council (Assembly Body) … President of the Association of Mayors of Northern Ceará between 1989 and 1990 … Founder of the Green Savings Project … Speaker on Reforestation since 2012 … CEO of the Ecopense Company … President of the Company MOGNOS & MOGNOS S/A. WRITER OF 3 TECHNICAL BOOKS, 1.Cedro and Mahogany in the Semiarid Region, 2.Mahogany for Beginners, 3.The History of Mahogany in Ceará.

Gleidson Alex Meneses Rabelo

Scholarship holder at foundation Cearense for Support to Scientific and Technological Development — FUNCAP (working at the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of Ceará — EMATERCE) 2005 to 2008. Improvement in Hydrometry and Management of Water Resources, in 2009, carried out by Teaching Center Institute Technological CENTEC, through the Faculty of Technology FATEC, financed by public notice MCT/CNPq/CTHidro nº 37/2009. Technologist in Water Resources and Irrigation 2003, Specialist in Water Resources Management 2010, Managing Partner of Ecopense Negócios Sociais Ltda

Co-founder of 4EcoBrasil Ltda, Being part of the Board of Directors at Mogno & Mogno S/A

Jose Edmundo Araujo Oliveira

Graduated in Pedagogy, Postgraduate in School Management and Master in Global Education, Agricultural Technician Municipal Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Water Resources of Morada Nova (2009/2012–2013/2016–2018/2022), Current vice president of COMDETEC (Council of Municipal Secretaries of Agriculture, Economic and Technological Development of the State of Ceará). Former President of COMDETEC 2015/2016, 2017/2018, 2019/2020 and current Vice President, Creator of ILPF UFIS (Sustainable Integrated Family Unit)

Francisco Antonio Rosa

Agronomist Post-graduated in Environmental Management and Education. He was Regional Head of the Bayer Crop Science Company in Brazil in the Amazon Region. Representative in Brazil of ASD from Costa Rica where he worked with the culture of palm oil (Oil Palm). He worked in Public and Financial Management as Municipal Secretary of Finance. He was Municipal Secretary of Education where he led his municipality to be among the top ten in the Educational Indexes of the State of Ceará. Currently the owner of Viveiro Maravilha (fruit and forest seedlings), of Empresa ATIVA — Projects, Services and Technical Assistance. Partner at Ecopense Negócios Sociais. Chief Financial Officer of Mogno & Mogno S.A.

Future Roadmap

  • Creation of the Green Notary — an action aimed at providing traceability to planted trees and carbon credit, thus providing greater transparency for the certificates implemented.
  • Carbon Credit Tokenization — With the Vibook and Ecopense partnership, we will launch a token that will be part of the Vibook ecosystem and that will be backed by carbon credit reserves.
  • African Mahogany NFTs — In our strategy we aim to launch within the Vibook ecosystem, NFTs that will represent real trees planted, thus generating a decentralized finance case, where NFTs will generate Carbon Stake and additional dividends.

We will not only focus on these 3 products, our intention is to expand the green technology landscape and seek new ways to attract community and generate involvement in green causes.

Social media links

Website: https://vibook.finance

Notary: https://vibook.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vibookchain

Telegram: https://t.me/vibookchain

Facebook: https://facebook.com/vibookchain

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/Vibookchain



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