What to expect from the Vibook x Ecopense partnership?

About Ecopense

ECOPENSE NEGÓCIOS SOCIAIS is an initiative based on the thought and the global demand for a project of solutions with environmental and social appeals, based on many years of work with reforestation as one of the solutions for mitigating greenhouse gases and generating income in the countryside, reducing inequalities and other social ills of which the rural population is being victimized.

Ecopense Team

Francisco das Chagas Rosa

Future Roadmap

  • Creation of the Green Notary — an action aimed at providing traceability to planted trees and carbon credit, thus providing greater transparency for the certificates implemented.
  • Carbon Credit Tokenization — With the Vibook and Ecopense partnership, we will launch a token that will be part of the Vibook ecosystem and that will be backed by carbon credit reserves.
  • African Mahogany NFTs — In our strategy we aim to launch within the Vibook ecosystem, NFTs that will represent real trees planted, thus generating a decentralized finance case, where NFTs will generate Carbon Stake and additional dividends.

Social media links

Website: https://vibook.finance



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